Our Step-by-Step Walk to Victory

Studies in Ephesians Series Volume 1

Our Step-by-Step Walk to Victory, Studies in Ephesians Series Volume 1 — Paul reminds us, first of all, what God has done for us; then he tells us what we must do for Him as a response to His mercies.

Christian living is based on Christian learning. If we do not know what we have in the anointing of Jesus Christ we will never be able to walk in the anointing.

We know that Jesus is the Messiah, "The Anointed One" and that "Christ" is not His last name. You will notice that I have translated "Christ" as anointed or anointing in this book. Ponder the idea, as you read Ephesians, who you are in Christ, "The Anointed One" and His anointing.

This eBook was created from the original 32-page Bible Study Guide.